Hosted v/s Dedicated Web to Print Solution

We have already discussed in brief about dedicated web to print solutions in our Article SAAS v/s Dedicated Web to Print Solution.

Most emails we receive from visitors contain these questions:

  • What is the hosted web2print solution and what is the dedicated web to print solution?
  • What is the difference between the two?
  • Which one I should opt for?

Our answer to all these questions: As a user of the web to print shop management system, it technically makes no difference if you use hosted or dedicated solutions. Of course, there is a vast difference in the one-time capital investment and regular maintenance cost, which is beneficial to vendors selling web to print solutions.

The point is “Will you buy a tea garden when what you want is just cup of tea?” In the same way, a vendor might try to sell you fancy dedicated web to print solutions when what you really need is simple print shop management software.

The technical jargon like “Hosted” and “Dedicated” are technical options offered by web to print vendors because of the inability of their web to print solutions to run on your existing web site. They do not talk about the Mix and Match option wherein you let your existing site run as it is, and add the code for print shop to run from your client’s server. Their software can either be hosted on their server or you can spend TONS to opt for the so-called DEDICATED SOLTUTION, which becomes your lifetime headache to manage and maintain, and of course, for a cost.

You first need to understand what Hosted web2print solutions are. Let us assume two situations:

  • You already have a site hosted somewhere
  • You do not have a website at all

In the first situation, you need to shift your website to the hosting space of your web to print provider. You cannot carry over the same design but will need to use their UGLY template. This is just because you are buying Print shop from them and they cannot set it up with your CURRENT site. If you expect the same design, which you now have, they will charge you for customization. Did we say that it would surely be for a Heavy fee!

In the second situation, their hosted solutions are likely to suit you because you do not have anything. So you select their (still UGLY TEMPLATE) design, upload their Logo, and you are ready to go. However, they are likely to display their mark somewhere to indicate that you are using their solution. When you object, they will suggest that you to shift to Dedicated Solutions.

So now, what are Dedicated Solutions? Web to print vendor gives you an option to run dedicated solutions wherein you need to buy a complete web server, which you need to manage, and which runs SINGLE & ONLY web to print solutions with Print shop management for you. You get a customized design (for an additional fee, of course) and the day you buy the solutions, their paid one time support stops and you start to pay a heavy hourly fee for everything that you ask them. As suggested earlier, why should you buy a tea garden when what you want is just a cup of tea?

Does this mean that you have no other choice? Either shift your site (Hosted) or buy heavy dedicated solutions? Not really. The whole technicality really lies in “Web to Print Shop,” which provides a special server, online editing, online proofing, editable designs, and online payment. Apart from these technical features, you can still have your own website for your company profile, terms and conditions, FAQs, and any other offer or communication you want to carry out or already are with your existing customer. Why should someone change a system because new technology is NOW A MUST for every printer?

So, the best option for you is Mix & Match, which lets you control your core website. This core website could remain the same or be created newly the way you want it. Let these highly technical web to print shop management solutions be managed, hosted, and controlled by someone who knows them really well. Why should you learn or manage Information technology when your expertise is print technology?

We at Flexi web2print understand this very well and give you all the options except the so-called money minting “dedicated solutions.”

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