Canvas Print and Web-To-Print Technology

Many in the printing industry expressed fear that emergence of the digital era might kill prints and many of print product will be used digitally, reducing overall print volume. It’s a fact that it had some impact on some of the print products, but invention of digital printing opened up a new print market for short run printing as well as personalised printing (small as well as large format) which brought a new consumer base for these offerings.

Some of the large format printing machines allow printing photographs/ artwork directly on to canvas rolls measuring 1.5 meters (59 inches). This has opened up a new market of personalised gifting (as small format canvas printed with personal photographs captured digitally) and huge home decor market where canvases are recommended by professional interior designer. The sizes vary from single images of 12″ x 12″ or large 3 panel splits of 60″ x 48″.

It’s also a fact that large format/ canvas print machines might not be used or available as widely/ commonly as the digital printing machines which print on paper. Thanks to the Internet, web-to-print technology and wide use of online payment you can cater to a wider market where large format machines are not easily available.

So far, our blog posts were focusing on commercial printing and web-to-print and sometime VDP, ID cards, wedding cards and so on. Now the question is can web-to-print technology be adopted to generate large format or canvas printing order where products are personalised? The focus here is more on images with effects and frame options unlike traditional printing where its paper quality, quantity, special effects.

It’s a fact that you cannot adopt any web-to-print solution to use for canvas printing, but at the same time it’s important to note what is common between the two.

  • In both cases, if a client has ready design, you need to provide upload and order facility.
  • In case client is using your design with personal image, you need to provide a facility to upload the image into existing design, give some effects, proofread it and place an order.

These points come close to standard web-to-print solutions offering. However, we also need to note what is exclusive to canvas print market and is not common with web-to-print solutions.

  • For canvas print, you need to offer basic effects like drawing, oil painting, black and white and so on which are not common with commercial printing on paper.
  • For canvas printing you need to offer size and type of frame.
  • Sometimes users select a very large format canvas and want to personalise it along with proofread where you need a different module (covered in next article).

The uploading of design template, replacing images, calculation of shipping, proofread and online payment remains same. With this we are moving towards conclusion that yes, web-to-print based online printing storefront technology can very much be adopted for these new huge market of canvas printing and home décor. Although it’s very important to know that it cannot be adopted as it is. If web-to-print solution provider wishes, he can customise flow to match your canvas printing flow. Not all web-to-print solutions are ready to adapt to this change as their core tool is not flexible enough to cover a wider range of printing products.

Needless to say at Flexi Web-to-print, we are capable of handling any and every kind of web-to-print requirement for the wider use of this module. We want our customers to proudly say, “They can print everything on anything”.

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