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  • It's Flexi.
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    It's Hassle-Free!
  • No Technical Expertise Required!
    Go live with full E-commerce Print Shop
    in a Day!
  • No Royalty
    On Professional Quality
    Print Ready Templates
  • Inbuilt Module
    To cater your Corporate
  • Effortless
    Back Office Integration

Overview & Benefits

Flexi Web to Print store is the future of Online Printing stores. It is a breakthrough. Learn How It Works for Your Business.

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Live Demo

Experience the future of online printing in a few clicks! Get a sneak peek into the powerful and user-friendly Print Store. No Obligations, No Questions Asked.

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Package & Pricing

No rigid hosting rules, No Usage Based Prices or Additional charges for a corporate module - it is an all-inclusive single pricing for every feature that the system has to offer.

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Flexi Web to Print Store Front

Flexi Web to Print store front is easy to operate, high performance hassle free Web to Print solution / web based Application for printer that allows users to modify, proofread and save their Business Stationery, advertisement, Flyer, posters, postcards, brochures, catalogs and much more besides for ordering online directly from Web!

With Flexi Web To Print Shop your online print orders are finalized, awarded, monitored and tracked in real-time, through a simple and clutter-free store front interface. Its ability to optimize resources, collaborate with customers, vendors and distributors makes it an indispensable tool for Online Printing.

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  • Inbuilt Corporate Module
  • Upload Your Own Design
  • Suit Offset & Digital Printers Both
  • Full Control Website
Inbuilt Corporate Module

For most of us, our corporate customers make up 20% of our clientele, but they give us 80% of our business. Hence, it is only obvious that you would want to put your best foot forward while catering to your corporate customers.

Flexi web to print Store Front comes with an inbuilt module for catering to your corporate customers. The module is available to you at no extra charge.

Web to print solutions for corporate customers allows you to offer a dedicated page (with Multi-user login) for each one of your customer! Your corporate customers get a complete web-based admin tool with the flexibility to replicate their offline decision making and authorization processes online!


  • Define multi-users and branches
  • Authorize person/s to confirm orders
  • Avail Online proofing
  • View order status, Invoice and Account ledger online

Flexi web to print Store Front gives you a technical edge over your competitors. Get the dual benefit of catering to your retail as well as corporate customers!

Upload your Designs Online at Flexi W2P

In a first of its kind feature, our web to print shop allows you to upload your proprietary design and materials for print. Reach out to clients with your unique designs. Procure orders from anywhere, anytime.

We ensure that your designs are viewable only by your customer. A smart online designing tool with a customization feature allows your customer to create, proofread, and order online.

Of course, the system is also pre-loaded with professional quality templates for brochures, business cards, letterheads and envelopes. You are free to add more product groups such as t-shirts, mugs, key-chains (or any other product that requires two-side designing) into your Store Front.

A complete online ordering system is neatly integrated into the store to let your customer enjoy a smooth online printing experience.

Suits Offset And Digital Printers

While both, Digital and Offset printers are in the business of printing, we very well understand that both follow a very different process for cost calculation and personalization. Their printing volume and type of customer (retail and corporate) too are different.

Keeping the complete offset and digital printing industry in mind, we have developed a web to print solution that provides simple online ordering system for a digital printer as well as an optional dynamic quote module for an offset printer. The facility of online customization using online design tools remains the same for both.

There is inbuilt storefront for the online ordering system with readymade designs to cater to retail customers. There is also a full-fledged module to cater to corporate customers. You can use both or any one of these modules.

Handle small retail digital orders or huge bulk offset printing orders! Flexi web to print Store Front is flexible enough to handle both!

Full Control Website

When you decide to insert the web to print store into on your existing website or you opt to host with us, we ensure complete customization, as per your needs. You have various flexible options to choose from!

You can simply copy the online store codes and paste them within on your existing website code or you could pick up the full web to print Store Front design and upload it on your server, or you can just leave everything to us!

Needless to say that when you copy the Printshop code or even full site on to your server, we manage and host the Printstore and all its features, while you retain full control of your website.

In addition, we also maintain the online designing and editing tool, online proof generation module, add professional quality templates and ensure that the complete online printing and ordering system is up and running 24 x 7 x 365.

  • Attract new customers from all over the world by offering them a full-fledged web to print e-commerce platform, which gives them the facility to upload their designs for printing or use professional quality ready-to-use templates offered by Flexi Print Shop.
  • Provide online value added services to your existing corporate customers by uploading their brand identity material and allowing them to modify and re-order the same through a dedicated corporate page for each of them.

Flexi Print Shop provides facilities to:

  • Go online and start accepting payment within 24 hours
  • Offer professional quality designs to your customers
  • Modify and upload your customer's customized designs, layouts, templates through a web-browser
  • Allow your customers to order prints online in real-time