Web to Print convert Boom from the Ban!

Time changes and so do Methods. Certain changes are Just Fear though certain changes are real Fact! You just can not ignore them.

The Digital world has created boom for a few but ban for many! There was a time when CD distribution business was a Boom but it is not so anymore. Everything is available Online in the Digital format, nobody wants to buy, carry or store CDs specially when a small Pen drive can store thousands of songs including other data, with the options of being re-used infinite times.

Web-to-Print Technology

CD sellers are now penetrating online ways to sell their content (Content is still a King); Indirectly they need to adopt “Ban for the Boom” by offering their content digitally instead of content on media, such as CD. They need to start using online web store to sell their content instead of using traditional off-line distribution network.

Even the printing industry is not indifferent to the online world anymore, although they are possibly the last to come online.

  • Banking for Checking Bank Balance
  • Ticketing to Book Online Tickets
  • Jobs for finding Jobs Online
  • Matrimonial for finding match online
  • Buying – Shopping Online / E-commerce

When everything that is possible in the off-line world is possible in the online world, why not printing be online too!

The Problem with the Printing industry is pre-Printing situation. Printing starts Only when the design or final art work is ready which is normally been created on desktop softwares for Publishing. One cannot really avoid these wonderful desktop publishing tools, at the same time they are not required for minor textual modifications which can be carried Online in real time.

This is where the Web2Print / Web-to-Print technology comes into the picture. As a Printing company, canvasser, graphic designer, advertising agency or anyone associated with Printing, one must understand how they can use Online world / web, to generate a file which can be sent for Printing directly.

This technology helps you carry on minor modifications on the art work file which is originally created using desktop publishing tools which can read / create final artwork as PDF file;

Although one still creates design on the desktop as usual but it can simultaneously be converted to Web to Print or web editable format. In this way the customer doesn’t need to come back to you for small changes.

When web to Print technology was invented it was ball game of few; since it needed huge investment to develop, run & maintain the same.

Just like any technology that is invented by classes and distributed to masses, gradually web to print started getting affordable for those who could not invest enormously in technology and Infrastructure. Web2Print model being developed as SAAS (Software As A Services) is affordable for maximum people, at the same time enabling the developer to cover the capital investment and make reasonable profit.

At Flexi Web2print we follow the same procedure; we have put in years of research, infrastructure cost & huge capital investment, to bring the highly technical web-to-print solutions at affordable price for the printing industry in India as well as aboard. Talk to us and we will be more then happy to guide you for implementing easy to use cost effective web2print solutions for your company.