Web To Print and ERP for printing


As part of our on-ground promotional activities for our Flexi web to print solution we participate in trade fairs across the world. During these printing industry interactions, we often receive inquiries about "ERP for Printing, Online Quote Module, Inventory, Invoicing, Accounting for print jobs ordered offline (through BD and canvasser networks), etc.

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Can you promote your online printing on Facebook?


In the month of January 2013, we came across lot of media reports about the "30 years of the Internet!" Most of these reports pegged the total Internet Users across the world to 2.2 Billion. At the same time, Facebook was claiming to have more than 1.1 Billion users registered with them.

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Simple Strategies to Promote web to print based Online Printing Storefront


In the previous blog article "W2P = Web to Print or Web to Promote?" We discussed about treating "web to print" and "web to promotion" as independent topics.

It is observed that genuine (organic) traffic comes to your website through popular search engines like Google and Bing.

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W2P-Web to Print or Web to Promote?


What exactly is W2P (web to print) - Is it a platform to promote your printing business or is a way to manage your printing business using the web?

It is high time that instead of treating webtoprint technology as an additional promotional tool, we start understanding its real application (online printing) and learn about its benefits - generating additional business by automating time-consuming tasks!

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Dynamic Shipping Charges Computation Module for Web to Print Stores


An online web to print shop is all about expansion and reaching out to newer customers and prospects. As a 24x7 online print shop, your portal should be geared-up to receive and fulfil orders from any part of the world.

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Online Quote/Online Calculator – core of Online Printing!


The core of any Online Printing services is an instant online Quote to the client based on his selection of the product that he wants to print, the quantity, the finishing items, and the courier charges with taxes.

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Adding More Products to your web to print storefront!


Standard Web-to-print solutions have been developed by different vendors keeping in mind digital asset management and Print shop management for digital and offset printing companies. Although different printers focus on different printing products, for e.g.: few focus on office stationery like Business Cards, Letter Heads, and Envelopes, others focus on promotional materials like CD Surface Printing, Brochure/Flyer Printing, and so on.

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Web to Print Rush?


What do I need to check when I select Web-to-Print solutions?

After the success stories of few of online printing ventures out of 1000s launched and especially after a lot of buzz for Web2print, all digital and offset printers started fearing for their survival. This fear led them to copy others blindly, and invest huge amounts just to survive without understanding the online model of printing.

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Web to Print! Is it a tool for running an Online Print Store? Or a tool to engage existing customers? Part 1 of 2


After the announcement of web to print technology and the recent awareness initiatives about web to print enabled storefronts, most digital and offset printers still consider it as a highly technical tool. It is an assumption that it is required only when you want to cater to a large no, of retail customers, or for reaching out to customer beyond your local geographical area.

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Web to Print! Is it a tool for running an Online Print Store? Or a tool to engage existing customers? Part 2 of 2


In the previous article Web to Print! Is it a tool for running an Online Print Store? Or a tool to engage existing customers? Part 1 we highlighted the fact that web2 print is not only facilitates an Online Printing company or print storefront but more knowledge and understanding of this technology can help you retain existing customer also.

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Hosted v/s Dedicated Web to Print Solution


As a user of the web to print shop management system, it technically makes no difference if you use hosted or dedicated solutions. Of course, there is a vast difference in the one-time capital investment and regular maintenance cost, which is beneficial to vendors selling web to print solutions.

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Online Ordering System for Corporate and Retail Clients


For a printing company, catering to Corporate and Retail customers is like balancing “two sides of a coin.” Both of them need printing although the process of ordering, the volume, turnaround time, payment terms, printing quality, frequency of orders and delivery, and other factors differ and need separate processes.

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What do Users really want to see on an Online Printing Site?


As a printing company, it is very important for you to understand what users would like to see when they come to your web to print enable Online Printing Site. Most printers blindly invest heavily in fancy web to print shops, which brings no value to their customers or visitors to the print Storefront.

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SAAS v/s Dedicated Web to Print Solution


Any new technology starts selling at high price due to the research and development cost involved at the initial stage and the absence of revenue, which normally starts only after the technology is adopted by users. Although there is always good marketing to sell a bad product, many developers create havoc for users, claiming that if they do not use new technology they will be thrown out of the market, which might not really be the case!

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